•  Vehicle usage:
    The renter is the only one authorized to drive the rental vehicle in Essaouira, for which they are responsible, and should only use it for personal needs. The agency strictly prohibits the renter from participating in competitions or using the vehicle for illegal purposes or transporting goods. The renter agrees not to request customs documents. It is prohibited for the renter to overload the rented vehicle by carrying more passengers than indicated on the contract, under penalty of losing the insurance.
  • Vehicle condition & responsibility:
    The vehicle is delivered in very good working and clean condition and the renter must pay the cost of any necessary repairs. Thus, the renter is solely responsible for fines, tickets, and any legal proceedings against them.
  • Insurance:
    ALIZCAR vehicles for car rental are insured all risks, covering the vehicle, theft, glass breakage, drivers and passengers.
  • Reservation & delivery:
    Book online at ALIZCAR and take advantage of our daily promotions. ALIZCAR provides free delivery of vehicles to the airport, hotel and OYAMA agency, 7/7 and 24/24. Any additional information regarding the reservation will be communicated to the renter after the reservation.
  • Fees
    The fees listed below are charged for delivery or pickup (outside of Essaouira for a minimum of 7 days) and are in addition to the rental fees.